Travel Packing Tips

Updated: Feb 11

Travel Packing Tips from your friendly Made of Magic travel agent Caitlin Juarez!

Going on a trip and not sure what you should bring or what to pack it in?

Packing for a trip can be stressful, but learning to pack using the following tips can help maximize your available space and minimize your stress!

Having the right equipment is a must! To avoid baggage claim and get to your destination quicker, a carry on is your best bet! When looking for a great carry on, make sure it has spinner wheels and can expand. Now you might be asking yourself, “but what about all the stuff I need to pack and my toiletries?” Well for that I have an answer! Packing cubes- or even better, vacuum and storage bags! This will allow you to pack according to each days needs (whether it be swimsuits and coverups or matching family outfits). And if you use vacuum storage bags you can pack multiple days worth of items in one bag, seal out all the air and fit more into your carry on! If you’re an over packer like me you might be worried that you won’t have enough space. But do not fear, using vacuum storage bags allows me to pack 2 extra outfits in case I change my mind and don’t feel like wearing what I originally packed.

So here is what you can do to make the most of packing and not stress for your next trip:

  1. Two weeks before your trip, do all the laundry and choose one outfit per day (plus your 2 extras) and set them aside.

  2. All your toiletries go into 3 oz bottles or smaller. Store them in plastic bags then store them all in a tri fold travel bag.

  3. Purchase the vacuum storage bags (find on Amazon) and vacuum seal EVERYTHING!

  4. Zip it all up into your carry on and you're set to go!

  5. Don’t forget to pack a backpack with you as well.

I hope these tips help minimize your stress and make packing for your next trip a breeze!

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